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Our next monthly meeting will be on Wednesday 6th November 2019, at the John Turner Building, Warwick Hospital.

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Recent Projects

Donation Presentation:
The ex-Mayor of Kenilworth chose Diabetes as his charity of the year in 2015.

Janet was invited along to the Civic Reception at Kenilworth Castle and was presented with a cheque for £3000.00.

As our new President, David Gent accompanied Janet.

The Mayor identified that he would like the money to be spent locally to benefit children with Diabetes. Ongoing consultations are being made to that effect with the Paediatric unit at Warwick Hospital.

A concert was held on October 21st 2016 featuring Stoneleigh Male Voice Choir and Stoneleigh Ladies Choir. The evening was a tremendous success and together with ticket sales and a fabulous raffle we raised £3215.00.

Proceeds from both events will also be identified to organise with the local paediatric team a one day conference for all schools/ academy leads across South Warwickshire, so they can take back to their schools good practice on managing children with diabetes at schools.

We will also be involved in a one day conference aimed at attracting two Care Home staff per home to ensure a quality of care for residents with diabetes. These would be set up along with the Local Authority and CCG respectively.

Worcester Clinical Research Unit:
Our ongoing support for Worcester Research Unit continues and we have just sent a cheque to Professor Downing for £2000.00.

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